i believe that when you know how to physically touch a girl, is when you really have her. hand placement and the use of your hands is everything, remember that gentlemen.

this gif makes me feel really lonely wow

fucking this.


Voulez-vous coucher avec Yoo, ce soir?

Go Eun Chan’s way of eating pizza

Fangirl Challenge: [5/10] tv shows - Coffee Prince
Sajang-nim says I should stop coming to work. Mr. Hong also thinks I should quit. But… I don’t want to. Because… I need to make money - that’s an excuse. I like coffee so much - that, also, is an excuse. He is nice, and comfortable and fun. I like him so much that I want to forget that I’m lying.

1/100 Kisses - Go Eun-chan & Choi Han-kyul (Coffee Prince)